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View and edit sequence trace files
For peaks, four peaks.
The award winning 4Peaks app helps molecular biologists to visualize and edit their DNA trace files. Analyzing sequences has never been so easy!
  Apple Design Award 2004
v 1.8
OS X 10.7 and above
This is the BEST Mac OS X application for viewing and editing sequence trace files.

Razor sharp traces

A great sequence viewer starts by rendering your traces better than anyone else. Of course it supports the most commonly used sequence file formats like AB1 and SCF files, including sequence quality data that is conveniently displayed on top of your traces. Difficult-to-analyze regions can be scaled horizontally or vertically (by holding Shift). Mark your selection to locate it again later, and when you have found that critical mutation you can print as PDF to create a publication-quality figure.

Drawing conclusions

Viewing your sequence trace files is all about analyzing them. Whether it is to scan for mutations, checking the successful completion of a cloned construct, or detecting SNPs or deletions, 4Peaks helps you quickly draw conclusions. For example, the program gives you quick access to both the nucleotide sequence, as well the translated protein sequence it generates on the fly. This way you immediately know the consequence of a mutation.

Making things easy

4Peaks helps you speed up your sequence analyses in a variety of ways. Trim away low-quality areas with a single click of your mouse, quickly locate one of over 1000+ built-in sequence motifs, or simply start typing a sequence you know it should contain. Doing a BLAST search with your sequence is a matter of seconds, and when you need your eyes on the original sequence, just hit the spacebar to ask 4Peaks to read your DNA trace out loud. Analyzing your sequence has never been so much fun!


Open most common sequence file formats.


Visualize your sequences sharper than in any other program.


Show quality data on top of your sequences.


Adjust both horizontal and vertical scaling.


Live translation

Automatically translate your sequence to amino-acids.

Find motifs

Search for 1000+ predefined motifs, or add your own.

BLAST search

Search directly against NCBI's nucleotide databases.

Speech support

Let your Mac read your sequence aloud.


Simple editing

Double-click to edit missed or wrong base calls.


Automatically crop low-quality areas with one click

Save your edits

Save in one of several supported file formats.


Generate publication-quality figures in PDF.

4Peaks is the sequence viewer of choice for researchers worldwide, including: